At-home worker can’t have kids at home


Dear Amy: I am a hard worker. I try not to let my personal life affect my job.

However, the one thing that I cannot control is one of my three children getting sent home sick from school or daycare.

I work from home; my office closed indefinitely during the pandemic.

My boss is hard on me when I ask to make up my time in the evening so I can care for my sick kids, or when I ask if they can be home while I work.

I needed to leave work six times last year and I called in sick once (I made up all of my missed hours).

During my end-of-the-year review she told me that I needed to have more of a plan for when my kids get sick.

I was so upset and explained that all institutions have become stricter about illness since Covid, especially schools.

I understand the inconvenience, but I also have four weeks of vacation and three days of sick pay a year.

She talked down to me for a solid 10 minutes about my attendance “issues” but never thanked me for all of the weekends I worked so our department stays on track.

Am I being too sensitive? Should I look for a new job where the manager is more understanding?

— Weary Worker


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