Ask Amy: Couple experiences professional disconnect


Dear Amy: Overall, things are great between my partner “Beth” and me.

Beth is a teacher and I’m a security engineer. Basically, I work as a computer hacker that stops computer hackers.

Every day after work, I’ll listen and weigh in while Beth tells me about troubles at the school, her kids, learning about different teaching methods and policies, curriculum, theories — and everything in between.

Unfortunately, when it comes to me sharing things about my work, she will say, “I don’t like/understand technology” and remove herself from the conversation.

I have tried supplying all kinds of metaphors, offering to show bare bones basics, anything else I can think of. She simply says, “Oh it’s tech. I’m not interested.”

I love how passionate she is about her career, but it hurts that I cannot share my own passion with her.

When it comes to everything else in life, we are great about sharing and communicating.

Right now I’m at the point of just saying, “Work is fine,” and moving on.

Any suggestions?

— Multifactor Your Heart

Dear Multifactor: I looked up “Multifactor” to discern what you might have meant by signing your question that way, which tells me two things. One: For those of us in the non-tech “people” business, your orientation might occasionally be difficult to understand.


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