Are the Broncos stuck back at Square One in their coaching search?


Kiz: Not to suggest the Broncos have stumbled their way down the road to nowhere in this coaching search, but does CEO Greg Penner have a phone number for Mike Shanahan? Sure, Papa Shanny is 70 years old and has grandkids to bounce on his knee, but the Broncos can’t seem to find anyone to take the job. Why is it every time I hear about Penner’s frustrating on-again, off-again wooing of everyone from Jim Harbaugh to DeMeco Ryans do the lyrics of  “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen echo in my ears?

Gabriel: Certainly the Broncos’ search has not proceeded the way either A) the franchise ran its search last year or B) the way most teams have done it this year. That doesn’t necessarily make it better or worse, just different. The opening salvo was relatively orderly — eight first-round interviews. But Penner and Company didn’t just narrow down the list to a smaller group of second-round interviews and then progress forward from there like some other teams have. And they did not publicize interviews or acknowledge them in any way as the Broncos did last year and most other teams have this winter.


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