Anxious driver is compelled to take the wheel – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: I have this “thing” about needing to drive, no matter whose vehicle it is. I have to drive. Otherwise, I’m a nervous wreck.

This began right after our daughter died in a car wreck in 2006. She was 19.

I know this is a mental issue, but being aware of that doesn’t help.

I feel like if I drive, everything and everyone will be OK because I’m a very safe driver. I also watch other cars like a hawk.

My husband hates this because I adhere to the speed limit, especially on the Interstate, where nobody drives the speed limit. He gripes the whole time.

He knows why I do this, but it doesn’t stop him from being vocal about how much it annoys him — and that makes me even more nervous.

I wish I could be the passenger so I could relax, enjoy the view or sleep. I cannot make myself relax; I’m so anxious and afraid.

I would like to get over this. I want to be unafraid — the way I used to be.

I’m tired of being afraid of everything. This manifests in other areas also.

Is there a name for this? Could my ADHD have something to do with this?

— The Cowardly Lioness