Anxiety over errors worries worker


Dear Amy: I like my current job a lot, but recently I’ve been struggling.

My work is very stressful, and it is extremely important to work efficiently and to be well-organized.

This is not a problem for me; I work very hard for 10 hours a day. I usually leave work feeling like I’ve gotten everything done.

Recently, however, I’ve been receiving emails from my supervisor pointing out small things I’ve done wrong during my shift.

It could be misdating paperwork or leaving papers on my bench when I leave for the day. These things don’t happen often, but absolutely every time, I receive an email.

It really hurts me to be nitpicked like this, especially when others are not.

I know I can’t control what happens to others or how my supervisor chooses to handle my errors, but I would like to handle my reaction better.

The smallest criticism sends me into a spiral of self-doubt and overwhelming sadness.

I become paranoid that I’m about to be fired, which sends me into another spiral about my financial stability. I become withdrawn.

This downturn in my mood can last a shift, an entire week, or longer.

I know my fear of being fired is completely unfounded, but I can’t stop myself from believing it will happen. I’ve left several jobs because of my anxiety, only to learn that I was never in any danger of losing my job and that my work was appreciated.


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