All You Need to Know about King Post Walls


One of the oldest forms of soil retaining systems in deep excavations is the king post wall or soldier pile. King post walls have been in use since the late 18th century and have been used successfully in London, Berlin, and New York.

A king post wall is effective when installed in various ground conditions. Usually, it is used in basement construction, embankment retention, and flood defence. The system comprises steel beams or columns, which are the king posts. The posts are installed one or three metres apart, filling the space between the columns or posts with precast concrete panels. Its design must follow Eurocode 7 (geotechnical design) or British standards. 

Installation of King Posts 

The installation of a king post retaining wall includes drilling holes with a high-powered continuous flight auger drilling (CFA) or a mini or large-diameter piling rig. Construction experts will later fill the gap between the posts with concrete. Next, they will install the H-beam, which allows the insertion or installation of the precast concrete panels in between the webs of the H-sections. After finishing the excavation, the construction workers will finish and embed the wall.

Main Benefits of King Post Retaining Walls

It is easy to construct and install king post retaining walls. Likewise, retaining walls are more cost-effective than wall systems made of sheet or concrete piles. The installation of king post retaining walls is a versatile process. Installers can make specific adjustments when needed right on the installation site. Moreover, the structure of the retaining walls does not create vibrations; thus, people do not have to worry about the risk of work or business disruption or site accidents.

The installation process is fast, and the system’s versatility allows property owners to install king post retaining walls for various purposes. Moreover, king post walls are durable and will last for more than 50 years, ensuring the continued protection of your property.  

More Reasons to Consider King Post Retaining Walls

Contractors prefer to use king post retaining walls for their commercial projects for the following reasons:

  • King post retaining walls are a cost-effective earth retention system
  • The retaining walls are appropriate for temporary or permanent installations
  • You can construct them from a low-level piling platform
  • You can build them under various ground conditions
  • They are adaptable, and manufacturers can design them for a 120-year design life for network rail and highway requirements.
  • You can construct the king post retaining walls using different architectural requirements and infill panels.
  • Constructing the retaining walls on tight boundary conditions and against existing construction with minimum damage and deflection is possible.
  • You can use anchors to tie back king post walls.
  • You can construct king post walls with acoustic fences if you need construction detail.

In construction projects, meeting deadlines is critical. Modern materials that are easy to install make the construction process more efficient. King post retaining walls are versatile and suitable for the construction site where the ground is more challenging. Installation is fast and easy, and your investment will pay for itself as king post retaining walls can last for several decades. 


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