All we want for Christmas is Peyton Manning to rescue wretched Broncos – The Denver Post


Is there a frog’s kiss chance we could get Peyton Manning to take over as general manager of the Broncos? That move would certainly end Mr. Entitled’s private office and entourage perks. And Manning would hire someone great to coach!  Maybe the Walton family could give him a 25% ownership stake in the team. Well, I have to dream.

Polly, wishing upon a star

Kiz: While I dream of Peyton Manning riding to the rescue of the Broncos, methinks he’s too busy building a media empire with the goal of becoming rich enough to buy an NFL franchise of his own. Joining forces with the Walton family now, when his first task might have to be running Russell Wilson out of Denver, seems like dirty work Manning would be wise to avoid.

I foresee nine or 10 wins for the Buffs in 2022. Quarterback Shedeur Sanders is a Heisman Trophy finalist! Deion Sanders is national coach of the year!

Matt McChesney, Buff for life

Kiz: Has this Prime stuff made us all Rocky Mountain high? I don’t know if Sanders can make all the Buffs’ dreams come true. But I wouldn’t be surprised if CU is the first 1-11 team in history to earn Top 25 votes in the Associated Press preseason poll.

If Sanders’ first public appearance at a CU basketball game is any indication, when he showed up in sunglasses, a hat and a hoodie for an indoor event, his tenure will be full of double standards. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great hire. But there are Prime Rules. And then there are rules for everybody else.

David, hall monitor

Kiz: Alabama coach Nick Saban is the king of college football. But when CU athletic director Rick George gave Sanders a big stage, Coach Prime instantly became the loudest, glitziest brand in the game. A football program in the shadows jumped directly into the spotlight. The Buffs will either shine or get exposed. Pass the popcorn.

Your Sageness, I’m sorry to report this isn’t the first time CU and its fanbase went all cracky over a football coach. Perhaps most of today’s idolaters are too young to remember Chuck Fairbanks. Maybe you can pen a quick history of the “Fairbanks Era” to deflate the gushing.

Rodney, keeps on rockin’


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