Alcoholic nanny drinking on the job poses risks


Dear Amy: My sister “Helen” moved to my state several years ago when her life was in freefall. She is an alcoholic.

Helen has been in and out of rehab four times since then, and her children and others have revealed that her drinking has been an issue for about 17 years — the last 10 of which Helen has been working as a nanny — and drinking on the job.

The past two years she has gone twice directly from rehab into nanny positions without informing the parents of the child/children.

I, and other family members, have been very clear that we think this is unethical and dangerous, but she refuses to consider other options because she can make $25 to $30 an hour instead of $15 to $17 in another job.

What is my moral and ethical obligation?

I’ve thought about contacting families or the Facebook page she has advertised her services with.

The only saving grace is that most parents work from home, and she doesn’t have a car. She does have a license, however.

She will be in a sober-living house with drug testing for a few months, but is that enough? My husband and friends feel I shouldn’t get involved.

Should I?

— Worried

Dear Worried: To clarify, parents who work from home hire childcare help in part to drive their children places, and to run errands using the car.


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