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Key highlights:

  • Affyn had announced a Quiz to Win contest, giving users the opportunity to earn rewards while having fun
  • Affyn’s Quiz to Win will feature a dynamic prize pool of up to 8,000 USDC
  • Initially announced in September, cities in the NEXUS World can now be claimed by users

Affyn, a rapidly growing Singapore-based blockchain company, is setting the pace for the festive atmosphere with the launch of an exciting contest dubbed “Quiz to Win”. In a bid to incentivize and entertain users in this season of celebration, the event will be accompanied by many prizes and a lot of fun. The rewards will be distributed on December 21st.

The Affyn ” Quiz to Win ” event has been scheduled to commence on December 7, 2022, at 12:00 UTC. This will see users standing a chance to win up to 8,000 USDC in just 1 hour. 

According to a recent tweet from the blockchain firm, it revealed it is set to incentivize users amid the world’s most anticipated season of giving. Hence, Affyn has invited users from all corners to participate in its Quiz to Win contest. The tweet reads;

According to the announcement, the contest is strictly limited to only the registered users of the platform. Hence, intending participants must ensure they have been registered on the platform before they can join the contest. 

Following the contest, Affyn will give all participants the task of solving a Kahoot quiz that comprises 30 questions. If answered correctly, the participant stands a chance to win a bundle of USDC. Hence, the platform urges users to start making research on Affyn, or simply click on the “Learn About Affyn” feature displayed on its website.

In addition, the contest will be featuring a dynamic prize pool which will be scaled depending on the number of people willing to participate in the contest. As such, the quantity of tokens to be won by participants will be determined by the population of people who come to play. 

Although the top prize pool allocated for the Quiz to Win event is 8,000 USDC, there are many reasons to participate in the Affyn quiz challenge, as there are a lot of smaller prizes available for more people to win. The platform further noted that the rewards will be credited to the MetaMask wallet of all winners.

Notably, Affyn’s quiz challenge is open to people from all parts of the world, provided they are registered on the platform.

It appears that the Affyn blockchain firm is committed to making new innovations to make the crypto space more exciting and engaging for users. Earlier this year, the platform disclosed the launch of its NEXUS World, an NFT project that gives users the opportunity to own digital lands in the Metaverse.

A few months after Affyn disclosed the launch of its NEXUS World Land, which allows users to own a digital NFT land plot of a play-to-earn metaverse, the company revealed that the Flag Sale Phase 2 and City Launch programs are now underway.

Developed by the Affyn platform, NEXUS World Land offers users of the platform an opportunity to own NFTs in the Metaverse. This way, they can easily hop on the Metaverse trend with an NFT-based world where they can play, enjoy, and earn income.

NEXUS World Land exposed Affyn users to the exclusive benefits associated with owning a plot of land in the Metaverse, which automatically makes them a Mayor of a Hometown as each Land NFT of the NEXUS World is a Hometown.

While noting the relevance of creating the NEXUS World, the platform said;

“We are going to do what no other blockchain companies have been able to do thus far: to go mainstream, reach the masses, and achieve widespread adoption. Join us to co-create the NEXUS World by being an owner of the 100,000 Land NFTs, which form the backbone and foundation that powers our metaverse’s economy.”


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