Advertising Laws For Foreign Gaming In Sweden


Over the years, the government of Sweden has introduced new regulations on the operations of online casinos in the country. This includes rules regarding online gambling sites licensed by Swedish authorities and foreign ones.

While there have been discussions about banning such advertisements completely, it has yet to happen. In this article, read all about how the advertising laws for foreign casinos in the country work.

The laws surrounding the advertisement of foreign online casinos in Sweden

It is illegal for foreign casinos to advertise to the residents of Sweden. In 2021, the Swedish government introduced a proposal for stricter gambling advertising regulations in the country. This was included in the memorandum published by the Ministry of Finance in Sweden. While restrictions were already placed under the Swedish Gambling Act on online casino activities, the new proposal took things a step further.

This proposal aimed to safeguard Swedish players from the risks of gambling through a “special moderation”. This involves regulating the manner in which online casinos market themselves in the country. While this is the case for online casinos in Sweden, foreign sites continue to be prohibited from making any advertisements in the country. However, players from the nation still access foreign casino sites, play games and win rewards.

Swedish Gambling Act

In 2018, the Swedish government introduced the Gambling Act and a Gambling Ordinance. This act aimed to regulate the activities of online casinos in the country. It came into effect in January 2019. It states that any sort of gambling activities that target Swedish players but are done without a valid license from the country are illegal. The act further regulates sports betting and lottery activities online.

The regulations imposed on Swedish online casino sites

The government of Sweden is devising plans to make the advertising laws for casinos in the country stricter. For instance, such advertisements can only be played after 9 pm, when minors are less likely to view them.  Similarly, new advertisements need to contain a disclaimer that clearly mentions the risks and harm of gambling. There were also talks about banning advertisements altogether.

Protests made by Swedish casino operators

The new restrictions introduced by the government did not receive a warm welcome from casino sites in the country. In fact, the largest trade association in Sweden, which is Branschföreningen för Onlinespel (BOS), raised concerns about the new proposal. The protests aimed to protect operators’ interests in the country’s online casino market.

The main issue that was raised is that Swedish casino sites are differentiated from foreign ones through advertisements. At present, 25% of the revenues from the online casino sector in Sweden are controlled by foreign sites. Taking away advertising rights will bring down the appeal of Swedish casino sites and even enable foreign platforms to improve their standing in the market.

The products and services in Sweden which face advertising restrictions

It is not just online casinos that face restrictions on advertising in Sweden. The aim of the government is to curb the promotion of products and services that negatively impact the residents’ health. The following are top examples of the same.

  • Pharmaceutical products cannot be advertised in the country. Instead, people can buy such goods through prescriptions only.
  • Promoting tobacco or alcohol products on any mass media channel is not allowed.

Why the Swedish government imposes restrictions on online casinos

The government of Sweden has introduced restrictions on advertising and related activities for online casinos due to a number of reasons, as follows.

  • Excessive gambling can lead to addiction issues, which harm the players’ mental health.
  • Irresponsible gambling causes huge monetary losses for the players.
  • There is a risk of minors getting exposed to the online gambling space through advertisements, which is illegal and dangerous.

Top reasons why Swedish players opt for foreign casino sites

Despite the ban on advertising foreign casinos in Scandinavian countries, players still access them. The following are the major reasons why many players prefer such sites over the ones from their own country.

  • Lower restrictions
  • Better rewards
  • Wider game range
  • Convenient payment options
  • Safety and reliability

Lower restrictions

Unlike online casinos with Swedish licenses, foreign platforms are not heavily regulated. They are licensed by foreign authorities like Malta, Curacao, and Estonia that do not impose strict deposit limits or other restrictions. Players find this factor appealing as it allows them to play with bigger stakes and win bigger rewards.

Better rewards

Reputed foreign casinos offer plenty of promotional offers, such as welcome bonuses, free spins, weekly cashback, and more. These offers enrich the overall gambling experience and significantly improve winning margins. Such promotions are restricted by the casino license of Sweden. Therefore, players check out top foreign gambling platforms in the hopes of gaming better winnings.

Wider game range

Several foreign casino sites feature thousands of games to choose from. Many of these games are developed by globally renowned software providers. There are several categories to try out, including slots, live dealer games, jackpots, tournaments, and more. They can be accessed on a smartphone whenever the player needs them as long as there is good internet connectivity.

Convenient payment options

The top online casino sites offer a range of easy payment options for players’ convenience. This includes methods like Zimpler and Truslty, which are simple to use for Swedish players. They can add their BankID to process payments instantly on foreign sites.

Safety and reliability

While foreign casinos are not restrictive, their activities are monitored by well-established licensing authorities. They aim to ensure fair play and prevent fraudulent activities on the sites. Most of these platforms promote responsible gambling and take active measures to curb addiction issues.

The Swedish government has always been inclusive of the new technological developments that take over global markets. Even with online casinos, the impositions placed are flexible compared to other Scandinavian countries. While advertising foreign casinos is illegal in the country, their popularity remains strong.

Summary of advertising laws for foreign casinos in Sweden

The Swedish government has always been inclusive of the new technological developments that take over global markets. Even with online casinos, the impositions placed are flexible compared to other Scandinavian countries like Norway. The restrictions that are currently in place on advertisements are meant to protect the residents from developing health or monetary issues.

While advertising foreign casinos is illegal in the country, their popularity remains strong even now. Despite the ban, players still find a way to access and play games on foreign sites. Therefore, while the laws remain strict, unlicensed casinos continue to flourish among users in Scandinavian countries and the rest of Europe.


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