Abuse survivor wonders how therapy could help


Dear Amy: I am a 73-year-old woman. I was sexually molested by my older sister when I was about 11 years old. She was greatly influenced by her “friend” who sexually molested my 10-year-old friend at the same time.

It happened once to me.

I did not tell anyone. Our father (who was my sister’s stepfather) was very physically abusive toward both my mother and my sister.

I truly was afraid that he would hurt or kill one of them if I told.

After my parent’s divorce when I was 17, I continued to keep the secret and have done so until this day. I often told myself that I would confront her after our mother passed away.

I never wanted to hurt my mother since she had a very tough life.

Well, our mother died four years ago and I did not confront my sister. I’m sure she would deny that it ever happened.

My sister has health problems, largely due to her lifestyle over many years. She has had a rough life.

We have never spoken of the incident. However, I never allowed our daughter to spend time alone with her. My husband and I frequently come to her aid when she needs assistance.

I am now in my elder years and find myself thinking of the incident a lot.

It certainly changed my feelings toward my sister, as I find her rather pathetic.


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