A partner’s death leads to a tough task – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: This past April, my girlfriend of 10 years passed away. She didn’t have a will or any life insurance. Her brother paid for the cremation. He came to the house to pick up some of his sister’s things.

Her daughter also retrieved some items.

I have no problem with any family members receiving anything they want.

My problem is almost the opposite of that: Nobody in the family wants most of her possessions because they don’t have the room in their own homes.

They told me I could do what I want with her leftover possessions.

I know that people say, “Just have a garage sale,” but I don’t really know how to do that!

I work five days a week.

How do I sell this stuff at a fair price?

I’m also worried about people coming to my house and asking about stuff or asking about the price of things.

I guess there are a few nice things, but not that much.

Can you help me get started?


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