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Q: The fans that latch onto these people that should be in street clothes for games blow my mind. – Robert.

A: This was in response to Friday’s post headlined, “Could KZ Okpala be one that got away from Heat?” So perhaps this is as good a time as any to reiterate this: You ask the questions; I answer. The headline is not the answer, it is the question. Yes, some questions seemingly are sent from the theater of the absurd, which is why I particularly try to avoid trade rumors or suggestions. But the people also have the right to get their answers. So, please, read both the question and the answer. And then feel free to have at it. Thanks.

Q: Dwight Howard and Miles Bridges will help this team for sure. Instant impact. – Evo.

A: This was in response to the updated free-agent list I posted, as well as the list of the top remaining free agents. First, because of where the Heat stand against the luxury tax, the roster for the start of the season appears locked into place. Beyond that, based on the charges brought against Miles Bridges, I doubt anyone would sign him (or be able to sign him) any time soon. And while I generally believe that players make amends with rivals as soon as they join a team, I’m not sure that would be the case if Dwight Howard would make his way into a Heat uniform. I might be wrong, but Udonis Haslem might feel otherwise. Plus, with Dewayne Dedmon and Omer Yurtseven, the Heat have ample depth at center.

Q: Hey Ira, as a Heat Fan Lifer from day one, I am very much enjoying your “5 at 35″ series. I am even doing OK predicting who is included in each segment so far. Perhaps there could be an asterisk for the work Ron Rothstein has contributed to the organization from the beginning to present, absent a few years. – David, Venice.

A: And, arguably, few have been as much a part of the fabric of the Heat over the years as Ron Rothstein, from coaching, to the Heat’s WNBA team to broadcasting. But the crux of Heat Lifers post was those in place each of these past 34 years, with Ronnie having coached elsewhere in the interim. And, again, because of the stability of the organization over these years, it also meant hard decisions with some other deserving members of the Heat’s 35-year club, including Sammy Schulman and Jeff Craney.



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