A dad is disappointed by his son’s ingratitude


Dear Amy: My son just graduated from college and is out on his own. His mother and I threw him a graduation party.

He received gifts from people at the party, and he thanked those people in person.

But he has not sent any acknowledgment to family and friends who mailed him a gift.

Several family members reached out to me to ask if he had received their gift, which was very embarrassing.

As a child, we made sure that he always wrote thank you notes. It troubles us that he does not see the need to do that now that he is “an adult.”

I told him this was basic etiquette and that even an email or a text would be better than nothing.

He agreed with me — but still has done nothing!

I don’t know — is there anything more I can do or say to get him off the dime?

— Disappointed Father

Dear Disappointed: One tough aspect of parenting young adults is facing the reality of their faults and failings.

As a parent, you’ve no doubt encouraged your son to consider the consequences of his behavior. He’s probably paid attention to you when you’ve warned him about drinking and driving or the dangers of credit card debt.


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