A couple’s birth control becomes a conversation


Dear Amy: I am the stepmom to two young adults.

My husband recently learned that his son and the son’s girlfriend of three years are only using condoms for birth control.

This upset my husband. He’d assumed that his son’s girlfriend used some form of birth control as well.

Neither of them wants to have children, and we live in a state where trigger laws went into effect after the Dobbs decision. My husband is worried that this young couple is going to end up with an unwanted pregnancy.

My husband talked with his son about it, and his son (rightly) told him it made him uncomfortable and asked him to drop the subject. I agreed with this. Apparently, my husband brought it up again (maybe two more times). I wasn’t there.

Yesterday, the girlfriend called and told me these conversations had upset her.

I told her my husband has a good heart and wants what’s best, but I agreed with her that he overstepped, and said I would speak with him.

Was it wrong for me to say that? (I didn’t want her to think I agreed with him.)

I understand why he is upset, but this is a decision to be made solely by these young adults.

Was I disloyal to my husband?

— Stepmom in the Middle


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