8 ways to identify fake whey protein powder – How to identify whether the whey protein is original or not?


Is your whey protein fake? Beware, before buying any whey protein from the market or any untrusted online stores. Here are 8 ways by which you can easily spot whether the whey protein you are trying to buy is original or fake. 

In these adulterated Indian markets, most health supplements are found to be fake if you are not buying them from official and trusted stores. Whey protein being a health supplement is not an exception by any means. Be it MuscleBlaze whey protein, Dymatize whey protein, or ON whey protein, every famous brand has a duplicate copy readily available in the market. 

These fake whey protein looks almost exactly like branded whey protein and is very hard to differentiate. But there are certain points that you should check which will easily help you to determine whether the whey protein is from the original brand or not. 

Fake whey protein generally copies the exact packaging of branded and famous whey protein brands. There are several risks related to fake whey protein brands including expired whey protein, not containing the exact amount of protein as mentioned and the list goes on and on. These fake whey proteins generally tend to copy other brands to sell their product at a cheap rate while using the popularity of the brand. As a result, it becomes very important for you to choose the correct brand of whey protein you are looking for. 

Here are eight points that will easily help you determine whether the whey protein you have chosen to buy is fake or original. 

points to remember when choosing the right whey protein
Points to remember when choosing the right whey protein


The first point that you should always look for is the packaging of the whey protein. Fake sellers generally tend to concentrate less on the packaging of the whey protein and focus mainly on making profits. A high-quality brand generally focuses on high-quality packaging. The more premium is the packaging the more you can be assured of the fact that the whey protein is authentic. 

Information on label 

Look for the labeling as well, as fake sellers generally tend to focus less on the labeling and spend more time on making the packaging very similar. As a result, spelling mistakes on the label are very common when it comes to fake whey protein sellers. So it is always necessary to look for spelling mistakes in the ingredient list of the whey protein to know the genuinity of the product. Always, look at the nutritional information of the whey protein as well. Being a fitness enthusiast or a bodybuilder, you are quite aware of what should be present in a whey protein and what shouldn’t be there in the whey protein. This would make things further clearer for you. 

Made In USA

Fake whey protein sellers generally tend to highlight the term “Made In USA” on their packaging to make the product seem authentic and genuine. We, Indians follow a certain type of psychology where any products made in the USA are approved as genuine by us. This is where these fake whey protein sellers play with our mentality. To be precise almost 99% of supplements are made in America because of their huge supplement manufacturing unit. Original whey protein brands mention “Made In USA” but never highlight it. On the other hand, fake whey protein sellers highlight this fact. In the case of fake whey protein sellers who try to duplicate the branded whey protein, you will always find the address of any Indian city written in small font at some corner of the packaging. 

The seal 

The seal more precisely known as the protection seal of a whey protein packaging is another way you can determine the genuinity of the whey protein. There are two seals present in an original whey protein, one which is found outside and another just below the lid. Make sure to check both of these seals when buying a whey protein supplement. The seal generally prevents air and moisture from getting inside the jar. Fake sellers don’t care about this seal. 

The mixability rate 

When we talk about top-class whey protein brands like Muscleblaze, Dymatize, ON, BigMuscles, they have a great mixability rate. Any genuine high-class whey protein brands always have a great mixability rate. Yes, this cannot be checked before buying a product, but after buying the whey protein you can always check it. If it mixes well, it is of genuine quality and if it does not mix well and forms lumps it is a fake one. It is never advisable to consume such whey protein. 

The actual taste 

This is for people who are already used to the taste of their favorite whey supplement. If you are consuming the same genuine supplement for a long time but this time the taste seems a little different then you have bought a fake whey protein this time. The taste of a fake whey protein is different from the original whey protein because they tend to use soybean and other harmful ingredients to make it budget-friendly which alters the taste to a great extent. 

The license number 

Always check for the license number on the whey protein. There are very less number of whey protein distributors in India who can actually distribute the original whey protein. Fake whey protein suppliers do not have this license number and as a result, the fake whey protein packaging lacks this number. You can always find the license number mentioned below on the packaging or at the back of the packaging along with the MRP and manufacturing date. 

The official QR code of the brand

Nowadays all authentic whey protein brands provide a unique QR code on their packaging. This QR code when scanned with your phone should redirect to the official website and provides further details about the product. This is the best way to know if the whey protein is from the original brand. Fake whey proteins do not have this QR code printed on them or if printed do not redirect to the official website of the brand they are trying to impersonate. 

Choose original whey protein over fake ones

What are the ingredients present in a fake whey protein?

Fake ingredients are added to a fake whey protein to make it cost-effective. These manipulations in ingredients can often have major side effects and are not at all considered good for our health. 

  1. Instead of whey protein powder, soybean powder is added to fake whey protein powder to make it cost-effective. Soybean directly increases the estrogen content in a male’s body and this ultimately results in man boobs. 
  2. Sometimes manipulations are made in the fat content of the whey protein powder. Also, fake whey protein powder would never carry the exact amount of protein mentioned on the packaging. 
  3. The sugar content in fake whey protein powders is always high. Sugar is artificially added to enhance the taste of the powder and make it taste similar to the original one. Also further, harmful artificial colors are added which are never safe for our health. 

So, it is always recommended to check whether the whey protein you are going to buy is original or not. If you are buying it from official stores or trusted online stores then you do not need to worry about fake products, but if you trying to buy health supplements from nearby markets, then you should always follow these rules and steps to identify if the whey protein is original or fake. 


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