8 bargains hidden inside ugly inflation report – The Denver Post


The “Looking Glass” ponders economic and real estate trends through two distinct lenses: the optimist’s “glass half-full” and the pessimist’s “glass half-empty.”

Buzz: With inflation running at a 40-year high — an ugly 8.6% nationally — one would think everything is pricier. Actually, 93% of the 333 items tracked in the monthly inflation report were more expensive in May than they were a year ago.

Source: My trusty spreadsheet reviewed the latest Consumer Price Index for May, looking at 12-month price changes.

Glass half-full

Well, 93% isn’t 100%, so here are eight goods and services that government inflation stats suggest might be “bargains.” They’re likely a rare slice of the economy where consumer demand is down.

1. Smartphones top this chart at 19.9% cheaper in a year. My guess is there’s one company that hasn’t come out with a killer new product in a couple of years. So, with folks not rushing to buy a new cellphone, merchants are cutting prices accordingly.

2. Admission to sporting events is 10.8% cheaper. Many teams are still suffering attendance hangovers from pandemic closings. Logic says ticket deals are being pitched to lure fans back to the ballpark or arena.


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