7up nimbooz review – Is it better than other soft drinks in the market?


7up nimbooz is a soft drink with a tangy lemony taste and is quite refreshing in nature. In India, 7up nimbooz is quite popular especially during the summer months because of its refreshing taste. It is somewhat different from other 7up varieties as it is believed to be free from any sorts of harmful preservatives and has a few nutritional benefits. 

So, today in this article we will be reviewing 7up nimbooz and determining whether it is safe for our health. Let’s begin. 


  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Concentrated lemon juice (0.7%)
  • Acidity regulators (296,330)
  • Salt 
  • Stabilizer 445
  • Preservative 202
  • Added flavors

7up nimbooz review – Analyzing ingredients

Carbonated water

7up nimbooz is basically a carbonated soft drink that acts like a refreshing drink. Carbonated water present in 7up nimbooz is safe for our health and does not have any side effects. In fact, carbonated water is considered great for improving our digestion. 


The next ingredient mentioned on the list is sugar. 7up nimbooz contains too much sugar. 100ml of 7up nimbooz contains about 11g of sugar. The 250 ml pack of 7up nimbooz contains about 28g sugar which is extremely high. The daily requirement of sugar as mentioned by the AHA is 36grams for men and 26 grams for women. So you can understand how much sugar is present in this small 7up pack. 

Concentrated lemon juice 

The next ingredient mentioned on this list is concentrated lemon juice. Unlike many other fruit-flavored soft drinks, 7up nimbooz actually mentions the presence of lemon juice. This is a good point if compared to others. Yes, the percentage is 0.8% but at least it mentions the presence of lemon in this drink. 

Stabilizer and acidity regulators

Stabilizer 445 also known as glycerol ester is perfectly safe for our health and has no side effects whatsoever. Stabilizers are generally added to a product to improve its shelf life and texture. 

Acidity regulator 330 also known as citric acid enhances the lemony flavor of the drink. It further maintains the pH of the product and prevents bacterial growth. Citric acid is not harmful to our health. 

Acidity regulator 296 also known as malic acid is again safe for our health. Overconsumption of this acidity regulator may cause nausea and headache. But this acidity regulator is present in very low amounts in 7up Nimbooz. 

Preservative 202

Preservative 202 is also known as Potassium sorbate. There are several controversies regarding the fact of whether this preservative is 100% safe for our health or not. The safety of this preservative is sort of a grey area now and cannot be marked as totally safe for our health. 

Full of lemons?

If you are drinking 7up Nimbooz just for the sole aim of getting enough Vitamin C for your body then you are extremely mistaken. The lemon juice added to this drink is in the concentrated form. Concentrated lemon juice is prepared in production houses by heating the lemon juice at very high temperatures. Vitamin C being heat sensitive is easily removed from the juice. So it is not possible for 7up Nimbooz to have any sort of Vitamin C content in it. 


When it comes to pricing 7up nimbooz is in the competitive range. The 250ml pack of 7up Nimbooz costs you around Rs 20 which is quite budget-friendly. 

7up nimbooz – Final review

So overall, 7up Nimbooz is quite safe as it has no harmful stabilizers, antioxidants or added colors in it. The only downfall of the product is the high sugar content and the presence of preservative 202 (a controversial ingredient when it comes to whether it is 100% safe for your health). Apart from these two, these soft drink is quite a quality one. Yes, it has no fortified vitamins and minerals but it is far better than coca-cola, thumps up or Pepsi. You can definitely consume 7up Nimbooz occasionally if you want a safe refreshing instant soft drink. 


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