6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Coffee For Weight Loss


Are you a black coffee lover? Are you someone who gets energized and refreshed after a cup of black coffee in the morning? If yes, then this article is curated entirely for you. Do you know that a cup of black coffee not only makes us feel awake and active but also helps us in weight loss? 

Black coffee is the new trendy thing on the internet right now. Black coffee is nothing but simple coffee without the addition of milk and sugar. It is indeed quite bitter in taste but many prefer a strong punch of black coffee in the morning to keep them going for the entire day. The combination of the amazing flavor and hardcore caffeine in black coffee seems very irresistible. 

So today in this article we will be looking at how black coffee can help you in your weight loss journey. We will be also looking at the nutritional value, and side effects of black coffee along with how to prepare a perfect black coffee for losing weight. Let’s begin. 

Nutritional information of a cup of black coffee

A 237ml cup of black coffee consists of the following nutritional value.

Nutrition Amount
Calories 2
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 0g
Protein 0g
Sugar 0g
Sodium 5mg
Nutritional information of a cup of black coffee

Along with this black coffee is rich in antioxidants, magnesium, caffeine and Vitamin B2. 

How can black coffee help you in losing weight?

Want to lose weight? But still cannot leave coffee? Here’s some good news for you. Drinking black coffee will actually help you to lose weight and it’s proven. Let’s see the reasons why.

1. Boosts metabolism

black coffee boosts metabolism

Black coffee helps in losing weight the boosting the metabolism rate of your body. Especially, if you are someone who goes to the gym on a regular basis, drinking black coffee just before hitting the gym will help you to lose more fats from the body. The caffeine present in black coffee directly plays a major role in increasing the metabolism rate. 

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2. Slows down glucose production

black coffee slows down glucose production

Glucose is stored in the body in the form of fats. High carbohydrate foods can result in an increase in your glucose levels. Under such conditions, if you are someone who cannot limit the intake of carb-rich foods, you should definitely drink black coffee. Black coffee contains chlorogenic acid which in turn delays the generation of glucose in your body. This will ultimately result in the shedding of excess fat from your body. 

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3. The calorie factor

black coffee has very less amount of calories

We generally avoid food that is high in calories if we are trying to lose weight. The general law of weight loss is the amount of calories lost should be twice the amount of calories consumed. In order to maintain this, low-calorie foods are recommended if you are on your weight loss journey. Black coffee is itself a low-calorie stimulant that can aid you in your weight loss journey. According to the USDA, black coffee brewed from ground beans contain 2 calories. Moreover, if you are not adding any sugar, milk, or cream to it, the calorie in this drink drops further. Along with this, black coffee is also free from fats and cholesterol. 

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4. Suppresses appetite and hunger

black coffee suppresses appetite and hunger

Another law of weight loss is suppressing your hunger. Caffeine present in black coffee helps in suppressing hunger by aiding peptide YY (the hormone that reduces appetite). Moreover, black coffee being a stimulant provides extreme energy to carry on with your physical activities. According to Havard, 4 cups of coffee daily can reduce 4% overall fat from your body.

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5. Reduces water content of the body

black coffee reduces water content of the body

Generally, when we try to check our weight in the weighing machine it seems to fluctuate. This is because of the varying water content of the body. As a result, it is always recommended to check your weight in the morning right after waking up. Black coffee being a natural stimulant helps in shedding off extra water content from the body by sweat or by excretion. This is the sole reason why you always feel like peeing after a cup of black coffee. 

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6. Burns extra fat from the body

black coffee burns extra fat from the body

Coffee beans generally possess fat-burning capabilities. Black coffee without the addition of sugar will help you to release fat-burning enzymes that facilitate weight loss. Black coffee is also rich in antioxidants that further promote weight loss by cutting down the production of triglycerides. 

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Other health benefits of Black coffee

Besides, controlling your weight black coffee has other benefits as well. 

  1. It is a stimulant that keeps you energized and refreshed to continue with your daily hard work.
  2. Black coffee is considered great for your kidney and liver and reduces the risk of developing kidney-related and liver-related diseases.
  3. Black coffee is proven to improve your concentration power, memory and focus. It also acts as a stress buster.
  4. Black coffee is also considered good for your heart. 
  5. Antioxidants present in black coffee help in the prevention of cancer, cirrhosis and Parkinson’s disease.

How to prepare a perfect black coffee for weight loss?

It is very easy to prepare black coffee if you have serious weight loss goals. Be it in the morning or in the evening black coffee will help you shed off extra fat from your body. 


  • Coffee powder
  • Water
  • A cup
  • Honey (instead of sugar)


  • Add 1 tablespoon of coffee powder to a cup
  • Add 2 tablespoons of hot water to it and stir well
  • Pour the rest of the hot water over the mixture so that the cup fills up
  • You can add honey instead of sugar. For weight loss, it is recommended to neither add honey or sugar to the coffee
  • Your cup of black coffee for weight loss is ready to be served

Side effects of drinking black coffee

As we can see, black coffee actually has several benefits along with helping in weight loss. But drinking too much black coffee on the other is not good for your health as a controlled potion is always the key to good health. Studies indicate not to go beyond 4 cups of coffee (240ml cup) per day. 

  • Coffee is extremely high in caffeine. A 240ml cup of black coffee contains about 100mg of caffeine. Drinking more than 4 cups of coffee per day can disturb your regular sleep pattern as caffeine directly acts as a stimulant in our body. So ignore drinking coffee just before sleeping. 
  • Drinking too much coffee can also bring in stress as it releases stress hormones. Although this side effect of black coffee is rarely witnessed, why should you even take a chance?
  • As mentioned previously, black coffee reduces the water content of the body. So over-consuming black coffee can lead to dehydration. 
  • Intake of too much coffee can also lead to minor headaches and nausea as the high caffeine content can directly affect your nervous system.


Black coffee is actually beneficial when it comes to weight loss. Simultaneously, it has other health advantages as well. But always remember the fact that controlled consumption is always necessary when it comes to leading a healthy life. So if you are a black coffee lover, don’t forget to comment and let us know your thoughts regarding this article. 


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