15 Ranbir Kapoor hairstyles that you would like to copy immediately


Ranbir Kapoor is an Indian actor who is widely famous for his good looks, amazing acting skills and innovative hairstyles. He has rocked the Bollywood box office with his famous movies like Rockstar, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Barfi, Tamasha, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and the list goes on and on. Ladies drool over him because of his cute looks, amazing style sense and charming personality.

Keeping his acting skills aside he is a great sense of fashion. The fashionable outfit along with a perfectly curated hairstyle is actually carried well by him. He has been seen with different hairstyles in different movies where he actually rocked all of them. So if you are someone who is a fan of Ranbir Kapoor and wants to copy his hairstyle, here are some of the best Ranbir Kapoor hairstyles that will help you to achieve the look.

1. The long curly hairstyle

Ranbir kapoor's long curly hairstyle
image source

Ranbir Kapoor rocked this hairstyle in his movie “Rockstar”. This long hairstyle went off well with his arrogant and rough personality in the movie. The natural volume and texture of the hair perfectly went on to suit the style. This hairstyle actually needs patience as growing up your hair to such a long length requires time. Maintaining the curls and texture is somewhat difficult, but once you achieve it, it fits in perfectly with almost any type of outfit.

2. The Side Spike hairstyle

The Side Spike hairstyle
image source

Ranbir Kapoor’s side spike hairstyle became a trend after the release of the movie “Jagga Jasoos”. This hairstyle suits well with a clear face and a sharp jawline. Adopted from the very famous spiky look, this hairstyle actually gives you a refreshing look and gets well with almost all outfits. The sides are shorter in length compared to the middle part. The entire hair length is pushed towards the right side making it gain volume and the spike is obtained naturally.

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3. The long wavy hairstyle (The Sanju Hairstyle)

Ranbir Kapoor's long wavy hairstyle
image source

Another long hairstyle also known as the “Sanju hairstyle” was achieved by Ranbir Kapoor in his movie “Sanju” where he tried to copy the entire style and personality of Sanjay Dutt. Compared to his long curly hairstyle, this hairstyle is for people who have straight hair. You actually do not need curls to rock in this hairstyle. Rather, the length of the hair matters the most in this hairstyle.

4. The Gentleman’s hairstyle

Ranbir Kapoo's gentleman hairstyle
image source

Ranbir Kapoor’s gentleman hairstyle as seen in his movie “Rajneeti” was a classic look that suits a serious and gentlemanly personality. This hairstyle is achieved by consistent layers and the sides need to be brushed properly. This is a simple yet classy hairstyle that will make you look very professional yet simple. The hair length needs to be medium to achieve this hairstyle.

5. The old school hairstyle

Ranbir kapoor's old school hairstyle
image source

Ranbir Kapoor made his debut with this hairstyle in the movie Saawariya. He nailed this hairstyle in the film. This old school hairstyle requires medium-length hair where the front part of the hair falls on your forehead (quite similar to bangs) and the sides remain free. One can even achieve this hairstyle with long hair. The hairstyle when it came out, gained immense popularity and actually suits well with casual wear.

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6. The textured spike hairstyle

Ranbir kapoor textured spike hairstyle
image source

Ranbir Kapoor’s most famous textured spike hairstyle is his regular hairstyle. The hairstyle has been seen in his movies “Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani” and “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”. The hair length seems to be of medium length but the texture includes short fringes along with spikes tilted to one side. Be it parties, casual hangouts or dates this hairstyle can rock it all with minimum effort.

7. The blunt spike up hairstyle

Ranbir Kapoor's blunt spike up hairstyle
image source

The blunt spike-up hairstyle is meant for people who have medium-length hair. Ranbir Kapoor appeared in this hairstyle in the song “Ilahi” where he was featured as a rockstar cum charming personality. Keeping both sides slightly short, this hairstyle is an easy-to-do hairstyle where the fringes are unevenly cut to give a messy look. This hairstyle suits well with a beard and goes off well with jackets and coats.

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8. The medium fringes hairstyle

Ranbir Kapoor's medium fringes hairstyle
image source

The medium fringe look was quite popular in the year 2008-2010. Ranbir Kapoor also mastered this hairstyle in the movie “Wake Up Sid” where he played the character of an innocent yet confident guy. This hairstyle does not include the tapering of the sides. Rather the sides are left as it is and most of the styling is done at the front part to create the fringes and texture. This hairstyle still works well in 2022 and provides you with a classy look.

9. The short hair spikes

The short hair spikes
image source

Ranbir Kapoor is actually the king of spikes in Bollywood. This short-length spiky haircut actually makes you look cool. The hairstyle is also very easy-to-do and requires very less time. Just grab some hair wax and apply it to your hair to achieve the spikes. Be it a party or any other special occasion this hairstyle can be an amazing touch to your style statement.

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10. The classic fade hairstyle

Classic fade hairstyle
image source

As seen in “Tamasha”, Ranbir Kapoor achieved the classic fade hairstyle which suited his playboy and charming personality in the movie. The cool look that you can achieve through this hairstyle cannot be achieved by other hairstyles. The upper part is left longer, whereas and the sides, back of your head are tapered down with clippers to blend well with your skin. Grow an average beard and you are good to go with this hairstyle.

11. The shoulder-length hairstyle

The shoulder length hairstyle
image courtesy

Want a rough hustle look? This long shoulder-length hairstyle by Ranbir Kapoor will definitely grab everyone’s attention. Long hair needs to be taken good care of to achieve the best look. Combining this wavy hairstyle with a french cut beard or mild beard can definitely make you shine among all. Be it quiffs or pompadour long length hairstyles can suit everything.

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12. The short messy curly hairstyle

the short messy curls hairstyle
image source

The short messy curly hairstyle is a wet look type of a hairstyle that does not require cutting off the sides. Rather this hairstyle is a boon for people with curly hair. Apply some hair wax and leave it natural, as simple as that. No extra hard work is needed. This hairstyle was seen on “Bombay Velvet” where Ranbir Kapoor had a gangsta sort of personality. This hairstyle can be your go-to hairstyle especially when you are in a hurry.

13. The angular fringe hairstyle

Angular fringe hairstyle
image source

Ranbir Kapoor’s angular fringe hairstyle is quite popular and loved by many of his fans. Basically, a fringe hairstyle includes tapering of sides. But the Ranbir Kapoor angular fringe style does not include the cutting off of the sides. Instead, the sides are left as it is and the fringe is left hanging above the forehead. This hairstyle suits both beard and a clean look.

14. The gentleman’s slick hairstyle

The clean slick hairstyle
image source

The gentleman’s slick hairstyle provides you with a very professional look. Suited with a blazer or a coat, this hairstyle can be your regular job hairstyle. Ranbir Kapoor made this hairstyle at an award show where we left his fans in awe. It is not an undercut, but by keeping the sides as it is and parting the upper layer of the hair to one side, this hairstyle can provide you with a classy look.

15. The good boy hairstyle

the good boy hairstyle
image source

The good boy hairstyle of Ranbir Kapoor is just a simple hairstyle where the upper part is tilted and shifted to one side in order to get volume. If you are a school student or a college student you will definitely love this hairstyle as it does not include any sort of special effort. Just part your hair on one side and you are good to go.

So here are the various Ranbir Kapoor hairstyles that you should at least try once. Do comment down your favorite one from the list above and also don’t forget to ask us in the comments if you are facing any problems regarding any hairstyles.