13 Amazing Health Benefits of Kalmegh that will shock you


Kalmegh also known as “Green Chiretta” is a herb that is extremely bitter in taste but has several medicinal health benefits. Its scientific name is Andrographis paniculata and it is available seasonally in India. Although you will never love the extremely bitter taste of Kalmegh, you will be shocked to know the various health benefits of Kalmegh. From the treatment of seasonal cold, flu, diabetes and hypertension to the treatment of skin diseases Kalmegh can do it all. According to the Ayurvedic system, Kalmegh possesses antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-infertility properties. 

Health Benefits of Kalmegh

health benefits of Kalmegh

In India, Kalmegh leaves, Kalmegh juice and Kalmegh supplements are very famous for their medicinal properties. Either the leaves are crushed well to form juice or Kalmegh supplements are directly bought from the markets for consumption. Although bitter in taste it has several medicinal properties that help you in the treatment of various diseases. Here are 9 health benefits of Kalmegh that will absolutely make you consume it on a regular basis.

#1. Great medicine for the treatment of cold and cough 

In India, Ayurvedic doctors generally suggest Kalmegh for the treatment of seasonal cold, cough and flu. Some studies say that Kalmegh juice along with other medications can treat colds, coughs, respiratory problems and sore throat. Kalmegh generally has cold properties and acts as an antipyretic herb which helps in reducing your body temperature during fever. Besides these, nowadays Ayurvedic doctors recommend Kalmegh for the treatment of pneumonia, bronchitis and tonsilitis. 

#2. Great for people suffering from arthritis

Kalmegh is highly suggested by doctors for people suffering from osteoarthritis. It has mild pain-relieving properties that help people recover from pain in the knees and joints. Kalmegh is also considered good for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Kalmegh has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which help in reducing the pain and inflammation of joints. 

#3. Protects cells against free radicals

Kalmegh is rich in antioxidants which further help in protecting your cells from free radicals, thereby helping in the prevention of heart diseases and cancer. 

#4. Anti-inflammatory properties

Kalmegh actually possesses anti-inflammatory properties that it helps in reducing pain and swelling in your body. This herb also possesses the power to fight bacterial infections. Additionally, Kalmegh also helps in recovery from damaged tissue and pain caused by inflammation. Moreover, Kalmegh is also used in combination with other antibiotics for the treatment of infections. 

#5. Great for your digestive system

Kalmegh or Andrographis paniculata is considered great for your digestive system. It possesses laxative properties which help in the easy movement of bowels. It helps in improving liver functions as well as solving problems like loss of appetite,and diarrhea. Moreover, it has anti-bacterial and hepatoprotective properties that help in protecting your liver from free radicals and is also related to the increase of bile production. Some studies show that Kalmegh is also associated with killing intestinal worms that increase the risks of developing anemia and intestinal blockage. According to Ayurveda, Kalmegh has the ability to balance both Kapha and Pitta, thereby preventing any major liver-related issues. 

#6. Good for your skin and acne

Kalmegh is filled up with antioxidants along with possessing antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. If consumed on a regular basis Green Chiretta or Kalmegh can keep acne away and provides you with healthy and smooth skin. Being rich in antioxidants it fights against free radicals by reducing inflammation and helps in automatic skin repair. 

#7. Helps with diabetes

Andrographolide, found in kalmegh, aids in the reduction of blood glucose levels. It may aid in the release of insulin from pancreatic cells, hence boosting glucose use. Kalmegh, which is high in antioxidants, may also aid to reduce the incidence of diabetes complications.

#8. Helps in detoxification

Kalmegh is extremely bitter in taste but this bitterness makes it a blood purifier. It has detoxification properties that help in removing toxins from the blood making you healthier. As a result, Kalmegh is also suggested during jaundice. 

#9. Its antiviral properties

According to research, andrographolide in kalmegh possesses antiviral effects. In reality, China required all doctors, regardless of qualification, to utilize Andrographis to combat coronavirus. There is, however, no clinical evidence that this plant can assist treat the fatal illness.

#10. Antivenom property

Venom is generally a poisonous substance that is secreted by snakes, scorpions and spiders. Various researches have shown that Kalmegh has antivenom properties. Feeding Kalmegh juice to a person infected by poison delays respiratory failure and increases the survival time. 

#11. Treatment of cancer 

The National Cancer Institute regards Kalmegh as a cytotoxic substance that prevents the replication of toxic cells. Kalmegh supposedly possesses this property where it activates dual responses making it effective against certain cancer-causing agents. 

#12. Reduce symptoms related to HIV

Although it is not proven, Kalmegh can reduce symptoms related to HIV/AIDS. Kalmegh actually has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-HIV properties that prevent the spread of the infection and can gradually reduce symptoms related to it. 

#13. May treat stomach ulcers

Kalmegh may help in the treatment of both gastric and duodenal ulcers. Kalmegh contains andrographolide, which has anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. It protects the stomach from secreting too much acid. It also preserves the stomach mucosal barrier and fights free radicals. As a result, Kalmegh functions as a gastroprotective agent and manages stomach ulcers. 


As we can see, Kalmegh although being bitter in taste have various health and medicinal benefits that make it a sure choice. The best part is it is extensively grown in India and the pricing is relatively low. According to Ayurvedic science, it reduces Pitta and Kapha which in turn makes your body temperature normal. So in total, the leaves of Kalmegh or the juice extracted from the leaves is actually very beneficial for our health. 


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